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Artist Biography

Gail was born in Blackpool in the north west of England and is an artist, researcher and educator. She exhibits internationally and is commissioned by both private and corporate clients. Her work explores real and imagined relationships between people and place. Gail currently lives and works in London and Limoges in south West France

Artists statement

My paintings are serialised narratives, informed by language, literature and cinematography. I take a broad church approach that encompasses painting, installations and collaborative working processes. Although built from observed realities and lived experiences, the exhibitions become fictional spaces where moments are reimagined and reinvented.  Imagery for me can be found, remembered or appropriated in order to convey messages. My work addresses themes such as nationhood, urbanization, fantasy, love and nostalgia.


Whilst studying for an MA at Goldsmiths College, I examined how creativity and art can lead to higher levels of attainment. My research drew on the French philosophies and politics of relational aesthetics. In particular, asking how art helps us to make connections, enrich lives and bring about transformation.


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