Gail Astbury

Gail Astbury – paintings, public commissions, community development and education.

My work evolves through contact with other, an admiration for other artists, my immediate surroundings and contemporary cultural debate. I take photos, sketch and amass a giant picture library to draw reference from. I use a range of methods and materials from classical to modern to contemporary, and digital. My work engages with politics in the sense that I am a figurative artist, aware of the socio economic and cultural references that visual imagery conveys. Through the trial and error methods of cropping, colour reduction and rearranging, the resulting works seek to distil our current times. I am not afraid to delve into psychological states, those that arise from observed reality and the immaterial stuff of mood, colour, sensation and memory. Above all I make artworks for the drama and pleasure of reimagining. 

See my Recent Work

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